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Event 2016.05.24
Exibit at SMM hamburg 2016
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International Maritime Trade
Event 2014.06.06
Posidonia 2014 - The International Shipping Exhibition
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Exhibit Sea Japan 2014
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2013.05.23 - 2013.05.25 Exhibit Bari-Ship - imabari maritime fair2013

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BARI-SHIP2019 Exhibition Report

 We exhibited at BARI-SHIP2019 held in Imabari city, Ehime Prefecture from May 23 to May 25, 2019.
BARI-SHIP, the largest international maritime exhibition in West Japan, launched in 2009, will increase in the number of exhibitors each time, and this time it will be the largest ever with about 350 exhibitors from 15 countries and regions.

The number of guests is about 16,000 people in three days. About 180 guests came to our booth, and 6 employees responded.We provided explanations using models and videos, and it was a good opportunity for a wide range of guests to know about us.

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SMM2016 SMM2016