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Strong grip and high workability.
We will continue to make products in good faith
by further strengthening the “trust”
that we have cultivated so far.

Grab bucket, coil lifter, hanger, hopper.
Various “grabbing” techniques are gathered.
We will select the appropriate product
according to the customer’s usage environment.

From inquiry
Flow until delivery

What do you “grab”?
We do everything from ordering to design,
material procurement, manufacturing, and sales.
We will deliver it in an integrated system.
We manufacture products that meet the needs of our customers.

Customer reviews

What can you “grab”?
I’ve been coughing and vomiting so far. Ingenuity,
development results,
We will introduce it with the voice of our customers.

Product FAQ

Is it a malfunction? If you think
We will explain the inspection points
in an easy-to-understand chart system.


A dynamic cargo handling machine that everyone longed
for when they were children.
We have vessels such as grab buckets and coil lifters,
bay ports,
As a specialized manufacturer of “grabbing” machines found in factories, etc.
We have continued stable management
for more than half a century.