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Grab bucket

Used at : Ports, factories, warehouses, ships

Just hang it on the hook of the deck crane and start work speedily. You can work safely by remote wireless operation with a remote control.
The wireless transmitter / receiver is exclusively for our grab bucket made in Japan and is highly reliable, and can be used continuously for a long time with a short charge.
Since only one hydraulic cylinder is used in the center of the grab bucket, it can take a long stroke and exert a strong gripping force.
Due to its simple structure, normal maintenance is easy and running costs can be reduced.

Model 1 (opening & closing method) Power Features Operation Applicable crane
Single cable wireless cylinder type Mechanical Needs lift wireless Deck crane
Mobile crane
Horizontal retractable crane
Single rope type crane such as
Engine hydraulic type Diesel engine No need for power supply wireless
Electro-hydraulic type Motor
(power supply type)
Power supply required wireless / wired
Double rope type Mechanical Requires a double-crane - Double-cable cranes such as bridge cranes and unloaders

What do you grab?

Powdery bulk

Coal, coke, limestone, sand, gravel, grain, Raw sugar, raw salt, nickel ore, iron ore (granular) Copper concentrate, soda ash, kaolin, wood chips

Shell type

The bucket has a bivalve-like structure, and each cutting edge closes to grab the cargo.
The cargo that this grab bucket is good at is powdered and granular cargo such as lime, fertilizer, ore.
By adding claws to improve the biteability, rubber cutting edge to prevent leakage, and stainless steel lining to prevent adhesion according to the nature of the cargo, it is possible to further improve cargo handling efficiency.

High degree of sealing.
Since the shell type has a bivalve structure, it has a higher degree of sealing than the orange peel type, has a light bulk specific density (apparent specific gravity), and is suitable for handling fine cargo.
Easy to change the volume.
A volume adjustment plate that can change the volume of the grab bucket relatively easily can be attached as an option.
Its own weight is light, but it can catch a lot.
Especially for marine use, it is required to have a light weight. With technology based on our many years of experience in manufacturing marine grab buckets, we have succeeded in reducing its own weight even if the volume is increased.
High durability.
It has a highly durable structure that does not easily cause fatal failures due to impact during operation.
By installing rubber on the cutting edge of the grab bucket, it is possible to prevent the scattering of fine powder.
Compatible with viscous cargo.
Placing stainless steel inside the shell makes it easier to handle highly viscous cargo.

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Hard handling bulk

Iron ore (lump), pig iron, tire chips, Scrap, wood chips

Orange peel type

Suitable for hard-to-grasp cargo such as large ore and scrap.
The 4 to 8 sharp cutting edges make it difficult for cargo to get caught, and you can grab it as if wrapping it.
In addition, you can choose semi-closed type, closed type, or open type according to the cargo.

A sturdy structure that can grab cargo of various shapes.
The structure is such that multiple pointed claws are deeply sunk into the cargo and grabbed, so it is possible to grab cargo of various shapes, from heavy and large lumps to light and small lumps.
Therefore, you can freely grasp scraps and other items with irregular shapes.
Grab cargo that is difficult to grab with the shell type.
Grasp elastic cargo that is difficult to grasp with a shell type such as a tire tip so as not to escape.
It is also suitable for scraping cargo so as not to damage it.
Sturdy structure.
Its own weight is heavier than the shell type, but it has a sturdy structure, so it can be used under various cargo handling conditions.

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Long object

Wood (South Sea, North Sea, Rice), Scrap (long object)

Fork (claw crossing) type

With the structure where the left and right claws intersect each other, you can firmly grasp long objects such as wood.
The size and shape of the nails differ depending on the item to be handled and are optimized.

Grab firmly.
The structure is such that 3 to 5 claws are crossed in parallel and held in, so you can firmly grasp the wood.
Effective use of crane capacity.
Compared to the shell type and orange peel type, its own weight is lighter, so the capacity of the crane can be used effectively.

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