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Coil lifter

Used at : Port, Warehouse

Can be attached to any crane. The hydraulic system reduce movement shock, and faster work speeds make it less stressful for workers. The tough body enables use in rough conditions. The arm is equipped with a reflective sensor to detect the hole in the coil. In addition, a limit bar on the arm to keep coils from being grabbing too hard.
Standard safety features include arm opening prevention and claw detection. Handling coil, operation method, power supply method, etc. We can provide specifications that match the operating environment.

Model Power Features Operation Applicable crane
For warehouse / sliding type
Electro-hydraulic type / Electric type Ideal for work in warehouses with limited spaces Wireless / wired Hook crane such as Overhead traveling crane, Mobile crane and Level luffing crane
For quay / Link type
Electro-hydraulic type Ideal for onboard cargo handling in narrow spaces of cargo hold

Two basic types
to suit your work environment

Horizontal (sliding) coil lifter.
Warehouse work type

Ideal for warehouses with limited lift. The arm slides horizontally, which is designed to keep the overall height down.

Vertical (link type) coil lifter.
Quay / shipboard work type

Ideal for onboard cargo handling in narrow spaces of cargo hold.
The arm is opened and closed by a hydraulic cylinder with a tough body structure.

Other structures

Rotating Mechanism
Rotates using a hydraulic motor for faster speed, features smooth and shockless start/stop, and suppresses swinging.
Retractable Claws
The claw that suspends the coil is retracted inside the arm and comes out when grabbing.
This allows the arm to be inserted in narrow spaces between coils, allowing the space inside the warehouse to be used more efficiency.

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telescopic Hanger

Used at : Port, Warehouse

By expanding and contracting both ends of the hanger, it is possible to lift several long steel materials up to 5 to 20 m.
Expansion and contraction is controlled by the hydraulic unit mounted on the main body, and the lock function enhances safety.
The maximum suspension load is 15 tons, and the suspension points are set to fixed 5, 6, and 8 m and the expansion and contraction parts 10, 12, 14, and 16 m.
Expansion and contraction and unlocking operations can be easily performed wirelessly remotely.
Since one hanger can be used for steel materials of various lengths, it is not necessary to replace the hanger, and efficiency can be improved by speeding up cargo handling work and improving safety.


Used at : Port

Some hoppers that handle various types of bulk cargo handling have a volume of about 20 to 40 m³ and are equipped with functions such as mobile and dustproof.

Model Handling
Hanger Steel materials, plates, coils, etc.
Hopper Various kinds of bulk cargo